Dealing With Family Abuse

It does not matter when it happened, family abuse is one of those things that have an ever lasting impact on the one who experienced it.It can define the kind … Continue Reading →

I HEAR YOU: Our Eczema Struggle(Part I)

It has been a long time and it took me a while to write about this topic because I felt it was kind too personal and not related to what I usually  write … Continue Reading →

TIP TO SUCCESS: Relentlessness

When you are starting to work for yourself, it can sometimes be tough to keep going  when you see no results yet.In my case,  when I created this blog  it … Continue Reading →


My first self-employed experience as a freelancer

Forget those sayings  you see in advertisements trying to sell you  products and trying to convince you that you will make tones of money just sitting on your couch and … Continue Reading →

Inspire Through Our Own Struggles

I have been writing about finding what makes you happy in life and striving to make it a reality but none of this would be possible without some inspirational people … Continue Reading →


You Are Not a Corporate-Material Employee…What To Do About It?

This post is #2 to the post I wrote  about how to know if you are not a corporate-material employee.By now you have realised that you are not an corporate-material employee,here are … Continue Reading →


Weekly IN-OUT: Shrataki Nooddles-Egg Nooddles.

I love Eggs… A LOT… at least they used to be my favourite breakfast ingredient. Letting them go, has been and is still difficult.When I managed to let go off … Continue Reading →

How to Know If You Are Not a Corporate Material Employee?

There is nothing depressing than waking up in the morning,commit 7 or more hours a day at work and at the end of the day you feel like you did … Continue Reading →


My Strategy To Becoming Vegan

On my quest to becoming a less animal eater, I am always looking for a way to remove those essentials in my pantry with animal ingredients and replace them with vegan … Continue Reading →

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A journey to finding myself…

Have you ever had a feeling that you are not living to your full potential?Have you ever had a feeling that you are not fulfilling the reason for which you … Continue Reading →